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Welcome to Heal The Earth Heal The People

Here, we believe that the Earth is dying because of mankind. I am sure you have heard this before but, we believe that mankind does not understand how the Earth functions.

Audiences hear the many explanations from other non-profit organizations who informed us of the plight of the rain forest. There are other things we in plight as well. We believe that with all this information, for all these years have not brought mankind to an understanding how much damage we brought to our Earth, not to mention to ourselves. Our location does not matter as people everywhere can change their lifestyles to improve the way we treat the Earth.

As a student of the Bible, I learned that I affected the Earth in the small amount of decisions I make everyday. You ask what does the Bible has to do with understanding the Earth. If you read from the Old Testament to the New Testament you will find how the Bible talks about the actions of mankind. It goes on to say how the Earth reacts in a negative way when it feels abused. The weather drastically changed in the past as it changes today. In order to know how something works, we have to seek professionals in that field of study. We must seek out the master architect and obtain resourceful information to improving the survival of the Earth and its inhabitants. Our organization wants to make people so aware of the issues a child could understand.

We can compare the Earth to the human body. We believe this will be the perfect example for mankind both large and small to understand. As a non-profit organization, we are looking for donations to use to rebuild and clean-up or mistakes. All funds raised will go to creating information and to rebuilding the land. Waterways, trees, rivers, and lakes all create and sustain life. Much like the human body's veins carry blood and vital nutrients sustaining your life. Wherever there was once a body of water, it is vital to put it back as much as possible. This includes the farmer as well. We must teach them how to farm the land properly. They see is as not mattering-but they do not understand when they till the land, they take away an area of the waterway, therefore, closing another vein in the body. The more veins we close, the more susceptible we become to life¬-threatening sicknesses and eventual death.

There is a balance to everything in life you see. GOD made the Earth and he put it in perfect balance- Just think if Earth moved one centimeter, it would be cold for twelve months or even hot for twelve months. Precision equals balance! When man makes a product, it must have balance to work efficiently. If it begins to lose its balance, it loses the precision to function or work properly as when it was new. When the creation is not in balance, we need to repair it in order for it to regain its balance. The Earth is the same, it needs repairing to regain its balance.

The donation we need for starter is approximately two million dollars over five years. We can use the funds for energy research programs to distribute in brochures, DVDs, commercial and road signage. With your help by making a donation, in spite of GODS green Earth, will assist with obtaining the necessary information tools we need to get the information and news of how all uses affects this world no matter where we live.